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About My Service

Building Biology    is the the study of how the built environment affects the inhabitants of that environment.

As a Building Biologist, my primary focus is helping you create a healthy home.  The first step is to survey the entire home and assess your home's ability to support your health.   I look for things that might be undermining your health goals.

For this reason a Full Check Survey is the best choice.  This way I can give you a holistic picture of your home environment, enabling you to make informed choices toward improvement.  You may be noticing that you feel un-well in your home and want to find the cause.  I can help you with that.  Often people have a preconceived notion about what it is that is bothering them based their experience,  but sometimes they are misinterpreting the source.

The most effective way for me to help you is to measure all of the relevant elements, following my set process, looking at your home in it's entirely, reporting to you what I found, and offering a list of recommendations.

Some of those recommendations I can also implement for you.  But of course, you may choose to hire someone else for that.  In the case of EMF mitigation it is best if I return to take post-remediation measurements.

My recommendations will include simple changes you can make in your lifestyle choices.  Others will be more involved, requiring skilled professional assistance.  Often an electrician will need to correct some wiring errors or install a whole house MEP filter.  A plumber might be needed to help remove the common problem of current on the water pipes.  RF and electric field shielding needs to be installed carefully in order to be effective.  A wired router and Ethernet jacks might need to be added so you can eliminate WiFi in your home.

Once the changes have been implemented, you will be that much further on your way to having a healthy home.  It may take time to get to your ultimate goal, but every step towards that goal is worth it.

While am at your your home, in addition to my EMR assessment, I will be looking out for other things that could negatively affect your home environment.   

This includes:

  • Mold and conditions favorable to mold growth

  • Things that might be off gassing chemicals into the air

  • Domestic water quality

  • DC magnetic field distortions

  • DC electric charges, static electricity

  • Availability of fresh air

  • HVAC system quality

  • Proper drainage around the house

  • Building exterior up keep

  • Thermal comfort

  • Noise issues

  • Particulates

  • Foul smells

  • Unwanted gases

  • Function of exhaust fans

If I find things that concern me I will discuss them with you.

I can also come on another day to give you a thorough assessment of these elements and provide an Indoor Environmental Quality Report.


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