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Electromagnetic Radiation, EMR

Surveys - 5 main elements

  • Radio Frequency Radiation

    • Cell towers

    • WiFi

    • Cell phones

    • Cordless phones

    • Other


  • AC Magnetic Fields​

    • Ambient levels

    • Source detection


  • AC Electric Fields

    • Bed map assessment

    • Body Voltage testing


  • Microsurge Electrical Pollution (MEP) also called Dirty Electricity

    • Reduction strategies

    • Appropriate filtration

    • Source detection


  • Electrical System

    • Proper grounding

    • Wiring errors

    • Net current

    • Foreign current


  • Sleep Sanctuary​

    • Identify proper circuits to turn off at night​

    • Install remote cut-off switch for select circuits

    • Shield high frequency radiation, electric fields, and magnetic fields

    • Eliminate EMF sources 

  • Wireless devices

    • Replace WiFi with Ethernet wires and jacks

    • Cell phone exposure reduction 

    • Turn off wireless functions in devices

  • Electrical System

    • Work with electrician to correct wiring errors and install whole house MEP filter

    • Work with plumber to remove current from the water pipe 

Full Check

  • Complete survey

    • Asses all 5 elements listed above

    • Usually 4-6 hours, depending on size of home and complexity of issues

Quick Check

  • Cursory walk through

    • Limited depth of scope​

    • Not best practice but can be a good starting place

  • Measure a specific area of concern​

Pre-purchase Check

  • Measure home before you buy

    • Asses all 5 elements listed above

Rex Funk, EMF Check, EMF expert using RF detection meters, Gigahertz Solutions HF59B and HF59D
Rex Funk, EMF Check, EMF specialist measuring AC electric field, using the NFA 1000
Rex Funk, EMF Check, EMF Consultant measuring dirty electricity with an oscilloscope, Microsurge Electrical Pollution
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