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What to Expect

On the day of your EMF Check visit there are a few things you should be prepared for.

  • Fill out the client intake form (below) after booking the appointment and email it to me.

  • I will need access to each room of your home in order accomplish my list of measurements.

    • If there are areas you want me to stay out of, please indicate that when I arrive.​

  • Wireless devices such as WiFi, Phones, Computers, TVs, etc. will need to be turned off most of the time.

  • I will need to be able to turn off circuit breakers in your electric panel and sub panels, the main breaker as well.​

  • I will need to look at the place your water system enters the house.

  • I will need to look at the electric utility meter.

  • I will be taking photos to document my findings.

  • As I do my process you can follow me around and take notes, photos or video.

  • Please be respectful of my process and time so I can give you an accurate assessment.

  • I will make time to discuss the issues with you and explain my findings.

  • If you have a floor plan or can draw one for me on a blank piece of copy paper, that would be helpful.


  • There may be a need for follow up visits to remeasure after mitigation strategies have been implemented by you.

  • If you request my mitigation services we will make a plan for me to return to implement them and re-measure. 

  • Mitigation could include shielding, ethernet cables, wiring error correction, detailed MEP source reduction or other specific measurements as needed.

  • I may need to work with an electrician or a plumber to resolve some of the issues.

Please download the Client Intake Form below, print it out, fill it out, scan it, and email it to me at

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