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Background Information: EMR


EMF is a general term often used to refer to all artificial Electromagnetic Fields created by modern electrical devices.  EMR stands for Electromagnetic Radiation and is the term used by the Building Biology Institute to indicate that we are assessing more than just AC magnetic fields.  Biological organisms are electrical in nature and are therefore extremely sensitive to external electrical sources.  Our cellular functions are easily disrupted by the energy emitted from electrical technology, whether strong or weak, high frequency or low frequency.  The negative effects are cumulative and can take years to show up as health problems.  Many thousands of independent peer reviews scientific studies are available showing harm from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, but are ignored by mainstream sources.  Yet the weight of the scientific studies are on the side of recommending avoidance, or at least, caution.

The Building Biology strategy, in order of importance is: 

  1. Identify the sources

  2. Eliminate things that can be eliminated

  3. Increase distance to sources

  4. Shield from what can’t be eliminated.

The types of EMFs I measure in my surveys include AC Magnetic Fields (MF), AC Electric Fields (EF), Radio Frequency (RF), and Microsurge Electrical Pollution (MEP), also called Dirty Electricity.  Due to their prevalence, these four types are, in general, the most important.  In most homes the highest source of EMFs probably comes from the Wifi Router and Cell Phones.  These emit RF continuously and the strength in close proximity is comparable to being right next to a cell tower.  When devices connect to the wireless signal, your overall exposure increases.  Microwave ovens are also extremely strong, as all of them leak.  The radiation can be measured up to 50 feet away.

RF reduction can best be achieved by avoidance.  Disabling the WiFi in your modem/router and using Ethernet cables to each point of use, such as office, kitchen, etc., would be the best option.  I can assist you with this effort.  You can purchase Ethernet adapters that enable your phones, tablets, and laptops to use the Internet without WiFi.  A simple place to start is to turn off or unplug the router at night.  A timer can be purchased from the hardware store to automatically turn it on and off.  You can also add a landline to your internet service package.  However, you should avoid cordless phones since they are just as harmful, or worse than cell phones.

You can reduce your exposure to RF from your cell phone by turning on airplane mode when you don’t need to receive calls, texts, or emails.  Be sure to also turn off WiFI, Bluetooth, and mobile data when not needed.  Additionally, you can read and compose emails and texts in airplane mode and then send them once airplane mode is off again.  The signal is strongest while the phone is connecting to the cell tower or wifi so you could set it down and walk away during those times.  Shielding is another option and many products are on the market for this purpose.  Let me know if you want more information on this.

During sleep, your body makes melatonin to recover from the toxins encountered during the day.  This is critical for overall health.  EMFs can disrupt this process.  When you sleep, it’s best to use airplane mode or power off your phone.  Using it as an alarm will still work in airplane mode.  Also, the further away you are from your phone, the weaker the field is.  Some say 4-8 feet is safe, but for the sensitive it’s still not enough.  Whenever your have weak cellular reception the phone ramps up its power to connect to the tower.  Your exposure is less when you have a better signal. 

MEP is created by anything that slows down or alters the free flow of electricity.  Examples are: dimmer switches, power adapters, chargers, electronic devices, and almost any appliance.  Some create more MEP than others.  The “pollution” part is the high frequency spikes that get created and travel along the wires, and also radiate into your home within the electric and magnetic fields.  Digital utility meters, mini-split heat pumps and solar inverters are some of the worst offenders.  LED bulbs cause MEP and so do compact fluorescents.  It is best for your health to use incandescents such as  EcoHalogen bulbs.  Many devices that claim to reduce your electrical consumption will inadvertently increase consumption by creating MEP which overloads the wires.  Digital meters will count these spikes as extra electricity used.

Wiring errors that create high magnetic fields are commonly found in homes.  These need to be identified and resolved for health reasons and because they are electric code violations.  Wiring errors can put current in the grounding system which creates the additional hazard of low level contact current on metallic fixtures and pipes.  Most houses are also wired with plastic jacketed cables which emit a high electric field.  Metal clad cables are best because they contain the electric field fairly well. 

A healthier electrical system can be created by moving the utility meter and main disconnect off of the house plus ensuring there is only one grounding point.  All Neutral-Neutral and Neutral-Ground connections within the system must be separated except for the one required at the main disconnect.


Background Information: IEQ


IEQ stands for Indoor Environmental Quality.  Building Biology is the study of how the built environment — our home — affects our overall wellbeing, including our health and state of mind.  There are many factors that contribute to our homes’ ability to nurture us properly.  We need to consider all of the ingredients that go into the building of our homes, as well as what we bring into our homes.  Maintenance is another critical component because without it our homes will degrade and become unhealthy.

The static electric charge of the air in our homes should be more negative than positive, but synthetic materials tend to increase the positive ions.  This is easily resolved by switching to natural fabrics and finishes.  Letting in fresh air also helps.  The Earth’s static magnetic field normally rises upwards steadily but metal objects in the home such as metal bed frames and rebar can deflect it causing it to distort.  Caverns, underground water flows and metal ore deposits can have the same effect, making careful building site selection even more important.

Electromagnetic Radiation comes into our homes from exterior sources which can take effort to block, but often the most EMR people are exposed to comes from the devices they install themselves.  This includes Wifi, cordless phone, cell phones, microwave ovens, and a myriad of wireless devices.  The building wiring also radiates electric and magnetic fields if not thoughtfully installed.

Radioactive particles are naturally present everywhere and can be concentrated in certain building materials.  The radon rising from below the house should ideally be diverted away from the house.  If the house doesn’t have enough fresh air radon can build up inside.

Indoor temperatures can affect our well being and state of mind.  At certain times of year extreme temperature differences and high humidity can cause condensation in places where mold can grow.  Damp areas can also be a breeding ground for pests and bacteria.

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of all combustion.  Therefore adequate venting which is properly maintained is critical.  HVAC air filters need to be high quality and changed regularly.

What chemical are under your sink?  How natural is the paint on your walls?  Do you clean up dust often to help keep down the particulates in the air?

A good quality whole house water filter is the best option to provide good drinking and bathing water, free of chlorine and disinfection by-products.


My motto is
"The Less, The Merrier"
when it comes to artificial EMFs.

The Building Biology premiss is

“Nature is the Gold Standard”

when it comes to health choices.

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