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I'm now a Building Biologist!

Hello again friends!

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a certified Building Biologist! I have completed all of the requirements for two of my certifications, a one and a half year endeavor. The final project for the New Build Consultant (BBNC) certification still lingers, but I can officially call myself a Building Biology certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) and Environmental Consultant (BBEC). My wonderful mentor who guided me on my final projects said I did very well. Building Biology is the study of how the built environment affects the inhabitants. The training I received has been a tremendous eye opener for me, detailing the complexities of making healthy-home decisions. So much of what we consider normal ways of living are actually exposing us to many toxins and health hazards. Our homes are filled with chemicals that continually become airborne slowly as they react with the air. The design of our homes, the way they are built, tends to promote mold growth and premature failure. We are surrounded by an artificially created electromagnetic haze all day and night, something our bodies don't quite know how to cope with. These concerns are often brushed off as insignificant because we are talking about small amounts of toxins and energy. But given the plethora of sources and our lack of reprieve, our bodies are actually overwhelmed. Over time, it adds up. Imagine if everyone had a sleep sanctuary -- their bedrooms would be a place where they could, at the very least, sleep in a healthy environment. This is important because our bodies need this time to recover. Even better, everyone could have a healthy home that is a haven from the toxins out in the world. We need to get a break, and reduce our exposure, so that our bodies can heal on a regular basis. Going out into nature is the best way to do this: walking barefoot in the grass, lying in the sunlight, breathing fresh air by a stream. But we should not be coming home to an unhealthy house...and we can make the necessary changes to improve our all-important home. I started off doing EMF mitigation work by learning on my own from whatever sources I could find. It was a challenging task because I couldn't get an understanding of the underlying principals involved. I knew enough to be able to help people but I still had so much more to learn. The Building Biology Institute (BBI) gave me the depth of knowledge I was seeking and now I can help people more gracefully, with confidence, and with the ability to explain the complex issues at hand to others. And, yes, there will always be more to learn! There are many misconceptions floating around the internet about EMFs and, like I was in the beginning, people are panicking and don't know what simple steps they can take to get to a stable situation in their homes. That's why I intend to provide clear explanations in the videos I plan to make, demonstrating the phenomena involved and showing the measurements with my meters. It will take some time for me to develop the videos so hang tight, and look forward to learning with me as we dive deep into this complicated subject. The BBI website has a wealth of information and resources so make sure to peruse their site. I think you will appreciate their noteworthy 25 Principles as well as their free videos. Click here to see my personal BBI listing page. You can also look for other BBI professionals on the Find An Expert Page. This is where people can locate a Building Biologist near them to assess their homes and consult with them. That's it for now. I hope I can help you reduce your EMF exposure in some way, small or large. Contact me to learn more, or to schedule a healthy home consultation. The Less, The Merrier! Be well, Rex Funk

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